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Reb Acres specializes in authentic Civil War memorabilia. For more than two decades, we’ve provided amazing artifacts to Civil War scholars and collectors in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.

Anything from authentic Civil War photos to official Union and Confederate documents are available at Reb Acres. We take pride in offering a wide variety of historical military relics from both sides of the conflict, and our attention to detail on each item is second to none.

Whether you’re looking for bullets and cartridges or the personal items of a fallen soldier, Reb Acres has you covered. We even have Confederate slave papers and other documents, which are great for understanding life more than 140 years ago.

Browse our categories or search by keyword to see what we have in stock. For more information about our American Civil War memorabilia, contact Reb Acres by phone or fill out our online contact form.

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photo#20 Issued at Nashville, 27 May 1864, this 5" x 8" document provides first that buildings occupied by the government bill be reported on Form #2 and paid for at a specified rate "if the owners be loyal." However, "if the owner be disloyal, or not proven to be thoroughly loyal, vouchers will be given." The second provision stipulates that no buildings occupied outside Nashville will be paid for at present, but they must be reported and the government will settle with the owners at a later date. Condition is excellent.
photoThis oversized circular (8" x 12½") specifies the weekly, monthly and semi-monthly reports that must be made with models for preparing them. The document was issued 29 September 1863 from the HeadQuarters of the 2nd Division of the 2nd Corps - Office of the Inspector General. It is totally handwritten and in beautiful condition. It was prepared and signed by S. Newele Smith, Captain and AAQ Inspector General. Smith was a 29-year old, Detroit man when he enlisted on 19 June 1861 at Fort Wayne. He was commissioned into the 7th Michigan Infantry and later served as Acting Inspector General for the 3rd Brigade, 2nd Division. He was wounded in 1862 at Antietam and again in 1863 at Bristoe Station, VA. This is a wonderful, most unique document
photoDated 23 November 1864 from Headquarters of the 3rd Brigade in Richmond, this document announces detail duty as Officer of the day for Thomas I. Moore, Captain of the 2nd PA Vols. His tour of duty is to commence at 0900 at which time he will report to Headquarters by order of Colonel George B. Dandy, Cmdg of the Brigade. The order is signed by W. D> Crandall, Asst Adj General. The document is in excellent condition.
photoA handsome, large (10¼" x 14¼")printed in black ink on parchment paper, this document is the official discharge for W. H. Reed, a n 18-yr old Private in Captain Cochran’s "E" Company 92nd Regiment of the Ohio National Guard. The discharge was executed at Columbus from the office of the Adjutant General of Ohio 1 May 1866. Across the top are the words in bold letters "To Whom It May Concern" and a eagle flying in front of the U.S. flag. A most handsome document with some minor archival tape repairs at the center folds and some age spots.
photoThis handwritten document was prepared on the letter head of the "Head Quarters Ohio Vol Recruiting Service" in Columbus and dated 10 March 1864. The order directs Capt Julius. L. Hadley of the 25th Ohio Artillery Battery to "return with his Command to the field and to report to his Army Commander for duty without delay." The document further specifies what paper work will accompany them. It is signed by I. E. Grover (?) Asst Adj General, acting for Colonel H. H. Potter. Additional handwritten notations on the reverse specify that "Orders received...14 March 1864...furlough expired." A second notation dated 19 March 1864 specifies that transportation has been furnished for 5 officers and 131 men to Memphis, Tenn by order of Brig Genl Rich and two days later they are directed to proceed to Duralls Bluff (Arkansas) as noted by J. F. Lewis, Capt. A most interesting document that has been through many hands. There are a couple of very tiny tears at folds, but otherwise the condition is excellent. I have the soldier history for both Hadley and Graves.
photoThis is the pay voucher for John H. Ellison, a wagoner discharged from "H" Co, 50th Indiana Volunteers, providing for his pay from 1 May - 26 August 1862 and traveling expenses from Louisville, KY to Bedford, Indiana. The document was prepared and signed by Major N. S. Bristow, paymaster of the US Army and signed by Ellison. It measures 8" x 10" and is in excellent condition. Ellison mustered into the 50th Indiana 14 December 1861 and was discharged by reaso of disability eight months later. I have a brief account of the regimental history to include with this document
photoSTORES Document itemizing clothing issued by Captain J. T. Hazelton to Lt. J. W. Rice of the 9th New York Artillery and dated 24 February 1865 for 118 pairs of booties received at camp "in the field." The document has been signed by both Rice and Hazelton. It measures 8" x 10¼" and is in excellent condition. With this document I will include a copy of the 9th Artillery’s regimental history.
photophotoA great packet of history here! First are three muster rolls of 1st Lt. Effingham Donaldson, of the 6th Regiment NY Heavy Artillery under the command of J. H. Kitching. The first measures 16¾" x 11" and shows his muster in on 31 October 1863 for a period of three years as 1st Lieut having been promoted six days earlier from 2nd Lieut. He was 24 at the time he signed on at New Baltimore, VA. The second is identical to the above and is dated 7 June 1864 allowing for his promotion to Captain. The third is even larger measuring 30¾" x 10½“ and shows his being promoted to Captain to serve under Captain Bassett. This one was executed at Cold Harbor, VA. All three are in excellent condition. Along with the muster rolls is a detailed history of the 6th NY Artillery. A wonderful package!
photophotoIssued from HQ, Department of the Missouri in St. Louis 14 May 1864, this 6-page document outlines the charges, specifications and sentences of six men court martialed for such offenses as violating the laws of war, violating military orders, and selling whiskey to a soldier. The orders are in excellent condition (with punch holes where they had been stitched into a bound volume, and are signed by T. Lovell, AAG
photoThis is actually three documents in one. The first is the application of Charles Burkhardt of 117 Delaney Lane, New York City, a 31 year old carpenter to be exempted from military duty in light of the fact that he has been doing active fire-fighting duty. The document is both signed and notarized and retains the 5¢ proprietary stamp required and the district seal. In order to be exempted, Burkhardt was required to furnish a substitute. Document #2 is a voucher certifying that Burkhardt is an active member of the fire company to which he belongs. This is signed by the foreman and the secretary of the 5th Congressional District. Document #3 is a voucher for said substitute in the person of Michael Smal and is signed by Captain John Duffy, a member of the Enrolling Board of the 5th Congressional District. Both smaller documents are affixed to the larger document with period straight pins. All are in aged, but good condition. I have repaired the application with archival tape where it was weak at the folds. Again, a most unique and complete package of New York history.
photoThis is the muster roll of the Hospital Department at Clarysville, MD from the 30 June to the 31st August 1862. It lists the names of stewards, wardmasters, cooks, nurses, matrons and detached soldiers in the General Hospital at Clarysville; included are numbers 77 through 95, all privates serving as cooks or nurses. The names, companies and regiments are all here, complete with remarks, the soldiers' signatures and witnessing signatures. There is a wealth of information to be had from this document. It is a large document, measuring 29" x 10½" and, having been so handled, it is rather worn, and there are several tape repairs, particularly at the folds, but it is all there. I think this is a particularly interesting document, and hospital paper of any description has been most collectible for some time now.
photoThis one-page docoument was prepared at Camp Fry in Washington D.C. on 23 February 1865 and charges Private Theodore Gertig of "E" Company 10th Regiment of the Veteran Reserve Corps with "conduct to the prejudice of good order and military discipline." It specifies that on 22nd February said private "did become so drunk as to unfit him to perform any of the duties of a soldier." (Was he, perhaps, a bit too exuberant in celebrating Washington's birthday??) The document is signed by Henry R White, Capt Cmdg "E" Company. White was enrolled in the 27th NY and was badly wounded at the battle of Gaines Mill on 27 June 1862, and thus transferred to the VRC. Signing as witness is Sergeant Lindley H. Stockbride. Co "L" of the 1st Mass Cavalry. He was later made 1st Lieutenant and transferred to the 4th Mass Cavalry and fought with them in the High Bridge Fight. A most interesting document with important signatures and in excellent condition.
photoWritten in Concord (NH) 10 October 1862, this half-sheet certifies that Frank T. Moffett, Charles B. Kimball, Bernard McCormic and Merrill S. Eastman mustered into the 14th NH Vols. It is signed by C. W. Hodgdan. Eastman was discharged for disability in July 1863; Hogdan survived the war and served for several years as Post Surgeon for GAR Post #113 in Boston where he lived until his death in 1903. I will include a copy of his likeness with this document.
photo for "G" Company of the 102nd Illinois Volunteers, this provides for 25 blankets, 9 kettles, 12 mess pans, 5 hatchets and handles, 4 spades, 9 axes, 9 ax halves. It was twice signed by Captain George H. Krug, 1st Lieut F. H. Ruger, RQM, William McMurtry, Cmdg Colonel at Knoxville, Illinois. The document is in excellent condition. Ruger’s soldier history and likeness will accompany this requisition.
photo This is an interesting, pre-printed, two-sided document issued from the Provost Marshal's Office in the 2nd District of Conn 17 August 1863. It is addressed to Willis G Jones of the South West District of Northford and officially notifies him that he was on the 15th day of August "legally drafted in the service of the United States for the period of 3 years." He is ordered to report on the 3rd day of September to New Haven and told that transportation will be furnished him on the H & N H RR. The form is signed by Benjamin S Pardee, Provost Marshal. On the reverse is the official requisition for transportation of drafted men authorizing the H & NH RR to transport Jones from Northford to New Haven and again signed by Pardee The document measures 7¾" x 10¼" and is in excellent condition. This is the first of these I have ever had to offer.
photoIssued 15 September 1863 in the 2nd congressional district of New Haven, CT, it acknowledges receipt of $300 from Willis G. Jones of North Branford, CT to "discharge [him] from further liability under the draft." The document is in excellent condition.
photoA 7¾" x 12" document, this one is all handwritten by R. F Stillman, M.D. certifying the Willis G. Jones "has had a chronic inflammation of the throat of a copulous character for the last five years." This has caused him to be laid up for two and three months at a time and has seriously impaired his lungs. Further, in connection with this, whenever he engages in any unusual exercise, his heart behaves violently. One Lucius G. Peck of New Haven County has notarized the statement as a true one and thereon affixed his seal.
photoPrepared at Suffolk, VA 4 November 1862, this provides for 5 duly named officers to proceed to Harrisburg, PA to "conduct detachments of drafted recruits to the Head Quarters of their respective Regiments. They will report at the HQ to Major Genl Dix…at Fortress Monroe for further instructions." The officers include Lieut William Bailey 11th PA cavalry, Capt Henry Metcalf, 88th PA Vols, Capt Charles W. May, 101st PA, 2nd Lieut J. Laughlin, 103rd PA and 1st Lieut Lewis Watkins 88th PA. The orders were issued by command of Major General Peck, signed by Brevet General B. Foster and approved and signed by Major General D. T. Van Buren. This last is an important signature. Van Buren served as Dix's Chief of Staff and later as General Hooker's Asst Adj General in the Department of the East.
photoThis is the official discharge paper for Andrew Sheridan, a Brevet Major in the 3rd US Infantry who served at Gettysburg in August Kaiser's 3rd Infantry. The document is intact, but it has been folded, apparently, to fit inside a wallet and the writing is now pretty faint, but readable with work. What makes the discharge particularly interesting is that the battles Sheridan participated in have been listed on the back. I would describe this as in rough condition (but not torn or frayed) and desirable because of Sheridan's personal history and the fact that official discharge papers are getting quite hard to come by.
photoThis note was written from Spring Hill, Alabama 26 April 1865 to Captain Massic AAG, 1st Brigade, 1st Division 13th AC requesting "permission to go to Mobile on business connected with my command" and signed by George W. Taylor, Lt. Cmdg 4th Mass Battery. It was Taylor and his men who occupied Fort Blakely after it fell. There is a subsequent notation that the request was "approved" and signed by Bingham Slack MD., Massic and R. G. Curtis Captain.

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